"Personal project" missing in my account


I got invitation to my company workspace, joined it, and now I can’t see “Personal project” workspace at all.
When I click on right top corner my user icon, I get menu and there are no “Personal project”, but only that company workspace.

How do I find it / ceate it ? please advice

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Piece of advice: don’t try to find it, it is pretty bad as it does not work like any workspace and has some limitations. I think Asana is moving away from it, I wish I could delete mine! You can create a normal workspace and call it “Personal projects”. Unless you had things in it!


Did you perhaps sign up to your company workspace with another asana account? That would be the only suggestion before support.

but…I think you’ll have to talk to support regardless on this issue - Asana Support - Help Center • Asana


I experience the same. On my personal account, I have the option between my company workspace and « Personal projects » in the top right corner. I tried to help someone else get started using Asana for their personal tasks, and couldn’t find, nor find how to activate, this.

I understand there are limitations to the « Personal Projects ». But it was neat to have them out of the company team. This happens if I just click on « Add a project » and choose « Private to me » in Privacy Settings : my projects are still in the team with everybody else, though with a lock. I wonder what happens if I leave the company ? Being able to toggle in the mobile app is great too.

What is (nowadays) the recommended way to keep your personal tasks separate from your business tasks ?

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Personal project has been deprecated and is not available for new users. Creating a personal workspace is the same, only better because it does not have all the limitation Personal project had.

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