Best Practices for Setting Up & Managing Business along with Personal Projects

Hello There!

I use Asana to manage my business with 12 other people. I also want to set up a Personal Projects section to manage with my fiancee in getting things done around the house, wedding and vacation plans and goals.

We are on the Premium plan.

I routinely check my inbox and tasks to organize what I focus on for business.

I do not want to get business focus muddled with personal projects.

I want to set up personal projects so that I check in on them regularly and separately, but also receive reminders, perhaps to my personal email.

Any recommendations for optimizing between business and personal projects for sanity and cleanliness? With my current plan? Or anything else?

Anyone use for both business and personal and if so how, what is your setup and general workflow/best practices?

Thank you so much for any thoughts in advance! I’ll look to share any learnings after I set up and get going.




From your description, it sounds like you’d do best with creating a new workspace: Avatar menu > My Profile Settings > Account > Create new workspace. You could call it Personal and then create personal projects there. In My Profile Settings > Email notifications you attach your personal email. You’ll have two Inboxes, two My Tasks, which is what you are asking for. Because Personal is a workspace not an organization, you can’t use teams with it.

Some of us prefer to make one or more personal teams (hidden to others) within our existing organization, which allows management of our day with a single Inbox and My Tasks, and the ability to create multiple personal teams.

Hope that helps,


If you have an organization under your business email, how do you set up the workspace under your personal email?
I have set up a workspace for personal use but it shows my work email to be associated with it even though I have changed notifications to be lined to the personal email.