Best solution for using Asana for business AND Personal use?


I use Asana for project management at work as well as the mobile/app based version.

What’s the best way for me to also use Asana for personal life project that I don’t want to be visible to anyone I work with?


Hi Daniel,
You have a few options here:

Option #1 - Create a private team within your Work Organization


  • No need to switch accounts, consolidated list of My Tasks


  • If you leave your job, you’ll lose access to Personal tasks.
  • Consolidated list of My Tasks
  • Because your Personal stuff will be in your Work organization, there’s slightly less security around your personal stuff because Admins can delete teams. Also slight chance of you accidentally sharing things that you didn’t intend to

Option #2 - Set up a separate Personal Workspace for Personal work


  • Everything is clearly kept separate, and there’s very little risk of Personal work becoming public to your colleagues


  • As much Asana experience as I have, I still sometimes find it confusing to switch between Workspaces, Organizations, and Personal accounts.
  • You’ll now have 2 My Tasks to manage.

More information -


In addition to @Drew_Shannon’s great post, you can open two web pages in parallel, one with your business workspace and another one with your personal workspace, so that you have an easy access to both. I do that everyday and it works fine.


I do manage everything in the same organization. I have projects hidden from others to manage personal stuff. And remember that a task in My Tasks that is not part of any project is private.