Creating a Personal Asana account or Personal Workspace (Can it be accessed by people at work)?


I would like to start a personal workspace with my family and I created a Personal Workspace.

My question is:
Will my boss or anyone at my organization be able to read or open my personal workspace?

can you please confirm? Also how do I change the email address for updates to a Personal email address?

Or do you recommend I create a SECOND @gmail account at Asana so I have 2 different logins

Your help would be apprciated

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I don’t believe anyone can access that you do not invite to a project or assign a task to or list as a collaborator if signed in with your personal email. There is a project transfer tool if you change email addresses or possibly Asana support.

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To complete @James_Carl ’ s answer you can have a look to the following link which explains that worskpaces are separated

Concerning Updates you can receive the notifications on 2 different mail adresses : this can be sat up in your account profile:


So can you create a personal workspace in a business/organization? or not? If not, how do you best manage personal workspacem