How to create a new workshop but not using the primary email

Hi, So I was new to Asana, I use a client’s email as primary email, later I marge another personal email in order to assign me to other clients workshops.

Now I want to create a new workshop for a new client. However, it seems there is no way for me to select my personal email as the user email for the new workshop.

I am always confused by the email logic of Asana. All I want here is to create a new workshop with my personal email because I don’t want my new client to know about the primary email which is belonged to other clients.

Any ideas?

Hello @blue_li, welcome to the Asana community forum👋

For every workspace/organisation you can set your preferred email address if you have various email addresses connected to your account:

And here is how you can create a new Workspace:

And here is info about the workspace admin console How to create a new workspace | Product guide • Asana

Can you try and see if that works?

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