Separate Personal Projects from Organization


I originally got into Asana through work; and have begun to use the of Personal Projects to organize non-work stuff.

I would like to migrate this content to a completely separate account, behind different login. Is there a good way to do this? Thanks.


Good question as I was wondering the same thing a couple months ago!


You can use


Stay away from “Personal projects” this is a bad version of workspaces :stuck_out_tongue:


Why do you said that?


“Personal projects” does not offer you the same possibilities as other workspace. For instance I think you cannot use tags.
@Bastien_Siebman could confirm that.
Therefore you can create another workspace for your personal tasks, but not use the default one.


Exactly Julien, I described everything in an article:

No tags, no projects reordering, and maybe more…


Is it possible to transfer private projects to other workplace?


Yes @Azamat_Kodzoev, you can also transfer these using Kothar :slight_smile: