Why does Asana create new tasks when I don't want them?


For some reason, I get tasks pop up in my Asana Tasks list that I either close or complete, remove the owner, remove the deadline, etc. Yet nothing seems to remove it entirely, can you please advise why? I am not sure it’s a bug as it may have a purpose but I just find it annoying as it’s not the sort of project I need to provide regular updates on. I have now archived the project to see if that stops it but technically it’s not completed per se, just want to stop the tasks appearing.

It is on my Asana profile, regardless of App or browser.

Check this:

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Hi @Chris_Swift,

These tasks are automatically generated every week if you have the status updates reminder enable; you can easily disable this function following these steps: https://asana.com/guide/help/faq/common-questions#gl-disable-status

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