Asana assigning tasks to you - Consider updating your project progress

So Asana now assigns you tasks, one of the most annoying features yet! I hope this idea didn’t come from the product team of Asana else they are not doing A/B testing properly and might need to hire better talent!

That might something new and you might be in the AB test because it used to be a notification indeed.

Possible! Well, there ain’t any in-build feedback system where I can stop Asana from doing this. This is annoying. Before A/B testing, one must gather enough data to support such development, at least not to annoy the users.


Can you supply a little more detail as to what you’re experiencing? When and where (i.e. in what circumstance(s)) are you experiencing being automatically assigned a task?

Perhaps this is a function of having project status reminders enabled from the progress tab? :thinking:

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I don’t think this is new nor an A/B test.

@Amit_Kumar1, Are you aware you can turn it off with a setting in the Progress tab: How to track progress on a Project in Asana| Product guide • Asana ?

Of course the idea would have come from the product team. And it’s disrespectful (and I know it’s incorrect) to suggest that they are untalented. You are welcome to disagree with their design decisions respectfully. I consider the manner of both of your posts a violation of the first Forum guideline at Asana Community Forum Guidelines and will flag any similar future posts.



So I was mistaken when I said the project status update was a notification and not a task then? Apologies, I haven’t use it for a long time :sweat_smile:

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Hi all, this is not an A/B test, this is related to the project status reminders in the progress tab If you are the project. owner and enable this feature, a task with the title "Consider updating your project progress " will be assigned to you every Friday and the task description will include a link to the projects where you should update the project progress. As @lpb mentioned, you can disabled this feature in the Progress tab!