Asana assigning tasks to you - Consider updating your project progress

So Asana now assigns you tasks, one of the most annoying features yet! I hope this idea didn’t come from the product team of Asana else they are not doing A/B testing properly and might need to hire better talent!

That might something new and you might be in the AB test because it used to be a notification indeed.

Possible! Well, there ain’t any in-build feedback system where I can stop Asana from doing this. This is annoying. Before A/B testing, one must gather enough data to support such development, at least not to annoy the users.


Can you supply a little more detail as to what you’re experiencing? When and where (i.e. in what circumstance(s)) are you experiencing being automatically assigned a task?

Perhaps this is a function of having project status reminders enabled from the progress tab? :thinking:

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I don’t think this is new nor an A/B test.

@Amit_Kumar1, Are you aware you can turn it off with a setting in the Progress tab: How to track progress on a Project in Asana| Product guide • Asana ?

Of course the idea would have come from the product team. And it’s disrespectful (and I know it’s incorrect) to suggest that they are untalented. You are welcome to disagree with their design decisions respectfully. I consider the manner of both of your posts a violation of the first Forum guideline at Asana Community Forum Guidelines and will flag any similar future posts.



So I was mistaken when I said the project status update was a notification and not a task then? Apologies, I haven’t use it for a long time :sweat_smile:

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Hi all, this is not an A/B test, this is related to the project status reminders in the progress tab If you are the project. owner and enable this feature, a task with the title "Consider updating your project progress " will be assigned to you every Friday and the task description will include a link to the projects where you should update the project progress. As @lpb mentioned, you can disabled this feature in the Progress tab!


By the way, since the Progress tab has been changed to Dashboard, the toggle to not receive Friday reminders doesn’t exist.

Is there another solution?

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The Progress tab’s content is actually now embedded in the Overview tab’s right pane (not in the Dashboard tab).

And the toggle is still found there, albeit in an unfortunate location. See my post below, and the linked post within it, for the details (and please vote at the top at that thread if you agree):


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Thanks – that strangely worked for one out of two projects though. Pretty weird!

For the remaining project, there’s no toggle.

@Kamal_Patel, DId you try clicking on either On Track, At Risk, or Off Track and then looking in the top bar toward the right for the toggle?

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Ah ha, thank you! Not very intuitive, but alas.


Finally! Thank you!

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For me it was here: