Why does Asana create (convert) two projects from a task when triggered via workflow?

After watching the video of @Bastien_Siebman "Break away from Asana subtasks"I started changing one of my board projects. My idea was to use the FORM to create the task with all relevant information and let Asana convert the task through the workflow while adding the Project to a specific Asana Portfolio. Now, Asana creates two projects from the task; one Project is assigned to the Portfolio, and one is visible in the team without the Portfolio assignment.
What do I need to do differently to get only one Project that is linked to the Portfolio?

My interim solution is creating the project manually.

Thanks in advance for your tips :slight_smile:

Hi @Thomas_Roos , if it’s not too much trouble, could you possibly share a screenshot of the workflow showing the rule that converts the task to a project?

It sounds like there will be two of those rules which are causing the creation of two projects (one project each).

Hi @Richard_Sather ,
Thats the screenshot. I thought as well that there might be another rule with the same project template, but I couldn’t identify it.

There is another one later in the workflow, but this is only triggered when a custom field shows a specific value and it uses a different template:

Hi @Thomas_Roos , it seems like your 2nd rule (your last screenshot) has not been triggered yet (as noted in the upper left corner) so that is not causing your issue.

In your 2nd screenshot, could you click on the ‘Convert to project from task’ and see if this is the one that adds the project to your portfolio? If you could post screenshot of that, it may be useful too.

Also, once a task is converted to a project, can you open that task’s details pane and check the activity log at the bottom? If you hover your mouse over the actions that :zap: Asana took, it should mention the name of the rule and who it is owned by. This may give you some more clues as to why this is happening.

It may look something like this:

Hi @Richard_Sather,
Thank you for your efforts. I checked everything out, and I found the mistake. My team was working simultaneously on the workflow, and one of my peers had created a similar rule in the trigger section, which I hadn’t checked before.

Kindest regards,


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