Why aren't tasks automatically moved to the Today folder?

I have tasks in Later or Upcoming, and even though the task date is currently long ago, they don’t move to the Today folder. It hasn’t worked for the last couple of weeks.

See screenshot Monosnap

I think that recurring tasks are always reappearing in the Upcoming section. Eventually you can chage this in Settings → Hacks and let them reappearing in the Later section.

Similarly, mine stopped moving from later to upcoming. It seems to be since I received the updated My Tasks functions.

Hi folks :wave:t2: If you have been migrated to the new My Tasks already, you can make use of Custom Rules to auto-promote tasks :clap:t2:

Take a look at this Forum Leader tip by @lpb for some amazing tips on how to make best use of Custom Rules in My Tasks:

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My recurring tasks appear in Recently Assigned :frowning: A have Hack settings - Monosnap

But article Your Simple (or Advanced) Strategy for Asana’s Updated My Tasks | Larry Berger, Asana Certified Pro | Trilogi Solutions: Asana Consulting is goog for move between section (New, Today, Later …)

I’m afraid that this is happening because the new version of My Tasks as @Rebecca_McGrath mentioned. You need to set your own rules and in the case of recurring tasks, the behavior you described, is unfortunatelly a part of new behaviour. Check and upvote this thread: Recurring tasks show as "Recently Assigned" in My Tasks

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