Tasks are no longer automatically moving to 'Today'

I started noticing this last week, but tasks in my ‘Upcoming’ section are no longer moving to the ‘Today’ section when they’re due Today.

Has anyone else noticed this problem, is this an intended change? I hope not, it was a simple thing that was useful.


I experienced the same problem.
Asked support about this, waiting for reply.

I also hope that it’s just a bug.
So tasks though move to “Today”, while some fail to move.

I have seen someone else on the Community with the same problem as well!

I just noticed this today! It was only one task, so I didn’t think anything of it. Now I’m a bit worried.

Yep I’ve come here to find out whether this was just our users experiencing this - has happened for the last few days.

Yup, can confirm we are having the same issue here :frowning:

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Support service confirmed they know about this bug and are fixing it.
As for me, it stopped reproducing in my account yesterday. So I hope that now it’s already fixed.

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Sorry about this! Glad to know the team is aware and this is being fixed.

This happened one day, only to some of my tasks - haven’t noticed it happening since :thinking: :grinning:

Thanks for checking, I’ve marked as solved for now =) glad to see it was just a bug!

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That is scary, since Asana tasks are pretty much critical in many cases. I did notice that this happens sometimes when you change the due date from today the today view to later.

I have the same issue.

I am also having this issue. Tasks are not auto-promoting at all.

I have this same issue (2 years later). Is this not yet fixed?

I have the same issue.

Same issue here. How about an update from Asana’s team?

I have this same issue. It is very confusing since I use due dates a lot. It has been started happening some day last week.

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Hi @Dawid_Wrzosek and welcome to the forum!

You are probably seeing the result of the updated My Tasks that Asana is just now rolling out. In lieu of the built-in auto-promotion, you can now create your own rules to define your own customized auto-promotion behavior.

For more on this new My Tasks, see:

I also recommend you read this article for additional help:


Same issue here. Also shortcuts to move between sections not working (tab-y, tab-u, tab-l).

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I’ve been having the same frustrations, but it looks like @Phil_Seeman covered this in the Medium post he linked to earlier. Because My Tasks is just another board, you will need to use the Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+Up and Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+Down shortcuts to move tasks between Today/Upcoming/Later.

You can also see his post for how to manually set rules for moving tasks 1-week out and 1-day out: https://medium.com/asana-consulting-trilogi-solutions/your-simple-or-advanced-strategy-for-asanas-updated-my-tasks-8e45e304fc3a

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