Why are projects no longer visibly nested under teams?

It is really disruptive that Projects are no longer visibly nested under Teams. We have lots of teams with lots of projects and all the sudden this display was gone and replaced with something not easily functioning. We cant favorite everything because that was the purpose of the many teams. Now just to go to the right project the user is using many multiple key strokes. Please help! Is there one work around that will solve this display (not portfolios, not "just click the arrow, or utterly useless recommendations. We want to see all teams with all nested projects at a glance. And if not, alphabetize option, which any PM on the beta team would have noticed.


Hi @Jbir1

If you hover over the teams the projects should pop out in a side bar that you can scroll, essentially the same as dropping down the team like before and seeing them appear below except now you see them on the side.

You could use the favourites option to favourite your projects you are working on and the new project tab displays your most recent projects and portfolios.

You could also use portfolios not just to group your projects together but have sub portfolios within them.

For a PM with 50 projects across 6 teams, no that is not “essentially the same as dropping down the team”. With the favorites option, now the projects have to all be renamed with the Team name. So your recommendation is not a “visible” solution. Asana should have left it as is. Did you see where I said "not portfolios, not just click the arrow, or utterly useless recommendations??

In which case @Jbir1 there is not a work around that I know of outside of these parameters. I was just making sure you knew all the possible workarounds that can work together.

Also, here are some forum topics on using the new sidebar in case any of this helps:


Not helpful in the least to solve the problem, where is that emoji that says I didnt ask for info that didnt solve the problem. So common in this forum.

Agreed - this is a terrible change and not helpful. How can we get it back the way it used to be. Making me not like Asana anymore…


@kari_Oliveira You can’t currently get the old way back

I don’t understand why projects are listed in one big group instead of being organized by team. I work across multiple teams and it is very disorienting to view a list of projects randomly sorted .
None of the ordering options (alphabetically, by “recent” or “top”) are helpful for me. Why even bother having distinct teams if the projects aren’t sorted by team?

Welcome, @cameron_schwartz,

Actually, projects appear within the teams in which they were created in the sidebar. Check under teams in the sidebar, and see this thread for several posts that provide more detail.

I’ve merged your post into an existing thread where you can click the title to scroll to the top and vote by clicking the purple Vote button.

Perhaps you should collapse the Projects category in the sidebar and drag it to the bottom if you don’t use it.



So just to make sure that i am clear on this - Now every project that is made under a “Team” will show under the “Projects” heading in the sidebar? Is there a way to have a project made in a team only show in the team?


Since for Projects in the sidebar there are three alternative views, with one always active:


the answer is: If “Alphabetical” then yes, otherwise it depends.

No, but you can choose to collapse Projects and drag it to the bottom of your sidebar if it’s not helping you.



It seems as though every-time I search for something related to asana I am met with a forum discussion saying that asana cannot do it.

I am not sure how/or why asana decided to remove the projects nested under teams section when it could be collapsable to reduce clutter. Seeing a list of projects without the team is counter intuitive.

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Same here mate. I researched 20 times and all the time the function was disabled or not there. It doesn’t matter how much likes or how much user this needs.

What da hell, how can you change something like this? Its so elementary and basic. Why did you not let the option to choose between things? We are thinking to cancle asana, no more workable without these views…