My Transition to the New Side Bar

Asana launched the redesigned side bar and I have been using it for a while now, so I thought I would share some of my own use cases.

Before I start, here are some of my pain points with my previous side bar:
:x: The side bar was very cluttered. Too many things, too many dividers, and too many ‘click more’ to see options
:x: I found putting projects under certain teams not to be fully useful if the project is open for everyone in the organisation. I was not sure if I am meant to memorise which team the project was housed under. So I created a team called Org Team where all open projects was housed under.
:x: The side bar ended up being always hidden, because I had no use for it in the end. The search bar is so powerful, that I no longer needed it

None of the above was a hindrance to my productivity, but it made the process of onboarding new members to the platform a bit more complicated - I used to tell them to always hide the side bar and use the favourites and search bar.

With the above in mind, here is what I like about the new side bar:
:white_check_mark: There is a distinction between my tasks / inbox, insights, starred items, and teams. This is simpler for me to onboard new members to the organisation. If they do not need insights, I can move the insights tab for them to the bottom.
:white_check_mark: The sections are neater to follow and navigate through
:white_check_mark: Teams page is more meaningful for me now for three reasons:
1 - I can se who is in the team and the projects being worked on.
2 - I like that I can see the forms / templates used in the team as well
3 - I like that I can pin projects in the over view of the team - helps in onboarding new team members or improving a certain process followed by one team

:white_check_mark: Finally, as asana is integrated with office 365, we do not use team division and messaging in asana. So having the team names a separate section that can be minimised is an added value, so my colleagues can focus on the work at hand and not worry about explanations on why the teams names on asana do not match 100% the teams in office 365.

Having said all of that, here are few things that could be better:
:pray: In the teams view, you get by default active projects. Now even if you do not use archive projects much, you need to know that you can access them by changing the filter. I would like this to be active - archive as different tabs next to each other, just like the inbox functions. Easier to spot and more user friendly.

:pray: Completed projects that are not archived are still visible in the list view of projects in the teams tab. Perhaps have completed as a filter visible next to active. So the filter is Active, Completed, Archived

:pray: I can see members directly, but members with specific access to projects are visible after you click on the three dots. IT would be good to either have this visible, or to have Asana recommends users who are collaborating the most on projects with this team to be added.

:pray: I would like to see Goals in the over view tab of teams as well and their relation to the overall company goal. This will make the overview tam a bit more usable I think.

And finally, if you are still trying to find your way around the new side bar and you have plenty of stuff starred or hidden, not appearing, why not try asana’s 10 days declutter programme. It takes 5 min each day, and helps you get organised maximising the use of the new side bar. Here is the link - especially day 8,9 and 10.

Anyone else like me used to hide the old side bar and now checks in on it more than before?


This was super helpful, thank you!

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Great overview.

Completely agree with this. At first I was also wondering where I can find archived projects until I noticed the filter.


Excellent points @Rashad_Issa , and I agree with your :pray: wishlist. Goals in the teams overview page would be great. And indeed the filter button seems to have confused a few users trying to find their archived folders…

One suggestion, you may want to move your post to the Forum Leaders tips section :wink:


Ah yes! I always forget :man_facepalming:t2: thanks for the nudge :grin::+1:t3:


Thank you!! Yes, it is a hidden feature, one that @lpb highlighted last week in the office hour catch up.


Thanks for sharing your journey.

Still valid for me, I never use it for the Projects or Teams section… but somehow I don’t manage to convince everyone to follow me :grimacing:

To me that’s a gamble to search for a project there because more often than not the project you are looking for won’t be there, so better rely on favorite, search…


in almost 10 years of using asana, the search bar has yet to fail me :slight_smile: :wink:


The new sidebar is terrible. I can’t see all of my projects and I can only filter by ‘top’ and ‘recent’. Both useless options. A simple option to ‘view all’ is what is needed. Sure the search bar is helpful but being able to see all the projects at once is quicker. Especially when we work on lot of projects at once.


Using the search you can get a list of all your projects, and if you save it, then you get a single link sitting in your Starred section. Doesn’t it work for you?

Bastien, I failed with your proposed search.

How can I filter the search to receive a full list of project that I own?

That would be of help…

Have to agree with you. One day I opened asana and thought who was deleting all the projects??


I had hoped that in the new sidebar would appear a little “local” search engine, to improve the browsing through hundreds of projects and teams, like the Chrome Extension I made years ago that no longer works ;(

There also remains the issue of the inbox, that without a filter by team/project is almost useless and can’t replace email notifications!

Thank Rashad_Issa

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You search with “Assignee.= you” and then in the result you go to the “Projects” tab: it will show projects you own.

Previously, the left hand navigation was a place where a user could order and reorder projects within Teams and also the only single view where one could expand and see all Active (not archived) projects, regardless of team.

This update appears to have removed a simple way to see ALL active projects at one glance and what Team they were in. This was very useful in my daily flow. We have scores of projects in play at any one time.

Starred, Top and Recent Projects are 3 ways of seeing ‘some’ of the projects in play, Using Starred, I would need to star every single project to achieve the above. Top does not follow logic as far as i can see - new projects I have not even clicked into appear in Top, pushing Projects that I interact with more out of view . Recent is more useful than Top.

It is also no longer possible to reorder Projects in the left-hand navigation, nor when viewing projects via the Team in the left hand navigation (it seems I can, but when attempting, the Projects drop back nowhere I was moving them from, so potentially a bug I need to seek support with), so that option to reorder your projects in a view has been removed, unless I put all of them in Starred, but then i am not clear about the Team that they are part of.

I appreciate I am just one use case, but for me this is the first unannounced update that has thrown my daily work management into a direction that requires more click through to achieve the simple view of all projects in play, what team they were in and re-ordered to my preference / priority.

I really appreciate the product, its support and the community and will review the ways others have developed their workflows with this update. Thank you to everyone that takes the time to actively contribute.


I wanted to clarify two points in your post:

This is easy to achieve, though no longer in the sidebar itself. But you can Star in the sidebar a saved advanced search where Assignee is me and where you’ve chosen the Project tab in search results to see all projects and the team each is in, as Bastien pointed out above in My Transition to the New Side Bar - #15 by Bastien_Siebman.

And this is mistaken:

Reorder a team’s projects on the team’s Team page; the new ordering is reflected in the sidebar team popup menus.



Thanks Larry for the prompt reply and pointers.

I will definitely try Bastian’s suggestion. I’m assuming the search list will update as new projects are created.

Re the Project reordering at the Team page - I can see it is expected but it doesn’t work for me, but there are a few anomalies in my Org’s instance confirmed by our CSM and which support are trying to resolve, so I will add this.

Thanks again for jumping in with solutions / knowledge sharing


I wish they would just change it back. It was a far better tool the way it was. They are removing functionality for no good reason.


Thanks for your thoughtful and respectful posts here, and those kind words. Sorry there are some anomalies with your org’s instance and hope they can get at the root of the issue; maybe another datapoint of the sort failing there but not elsewhere will provide another clue.

Yes, each time you visit the saved search’s link it will show refreshed result.




Thank you for your help.

It works now for me and is a big help to have a complete list of projects that I own.
On mobile is a different story: You can find the saved search but on mobile you can’t filter to receive a projects-view.