Why add task creation notifications to all project members by default?


I absolutely adore Asana, but here is my TOP PET PEEVE with Asana after being an extremely committed user since 2012 :slight_smile:

What is the reasoning that by default all new project members get updates about new task creations? This seems like a super rare situation where someone would want to get those notifications. There’s actually only one case I can think of: I am a project manager and I live and breathe one project and want to know everything that happens within it.

But besides that scenario, when would someone ever want to get updates about ALL task creations within a project? It’s totally information overload for 98% of people. Asana is normally all about reducing noise and allowing people to be in control of the messages they receive, and yet somehow this is enabled by default.

It’s difficult for a casual Asana user to understand what’s generating these notifications and how to turn them off. I suggest leaving that check box “unchecked” by default!


My gut reaction is that this default was created to - ta dah! - keep everyone on the same page. :wink: I’ll follow up with my colleagues on the product team to see if they can add more detail.


Hi @Todd_Cavanaugh

I agree with @Alexis here. Perhaps we are part of the remaining 2% :smiley:

Like what you mentioned, Asana allows people to be in control of the messages they receive. There’s no one stopping the users to turn the notification off, unless someone else keeps turning them on. haha.

I was thinking maybe this is an issue with the guide? So I checked it out.

I found this section:

Then checking my inbox, there’s actually an “Unfollow Project” link.

Clicking it will uncheck the notifications for task creations

So I think, letting a new user go through the guide might help in this situation.


@Allen thanks for the thoughtful investigation you did. This is helpful!

I spoke with my product team and learned a few background reasons for this default @Todd_Cavanaugh. First, in general this speaks to the theme of minimizing the risk of people missing critical info. We took the trade off of potentially delivering too many (sometimes lower value notifications) in order to keep people up to speed with important work. In addition, the default is core to the “work request” workflow where a team divides their work and assigns incoming tasks that get added to the project.


To piggyback off what @Alexis said, one of Asana’s most powerful use cases is the “work request” workflow.

A few of my clients use Asana as a IT Request flow as well as a design request flow. In these cases, project members need to be notified when a new request hits the project to ensure that a request does not fall through the cracks.

Given the customer feedback, we have added a box to enable/disable task creation emails when inviting new members to a project.

Too many notifications on Android

Thanks for all the feedback, everyone!

I definitely understand the rationale of defaulting to “too much info” as opposed to not enough. And I like the thoughts about the IT “work request” workflows. But I think that “work request” workflow is more of a specialized use case. For most types of businesses, most projects, and most users, it’s too much information to get those notifications. And every time people are adding new project members, they are signing them up for these notifications.

Yes, I understand people can remove themselves from receiving those notifications. But as someone who trains all sorts of teams in Asana, it’s not the most intuitive process for people who aren’t super tech savvy. Think about the over 50 crowd or someone who has only used email and notepads for project management. For example the image @Allen shared above:

Unfollow project? I think that’s pretty confusing. Does that mean I’m no longer a project member? Does it mean I won’t get conversations? Because both of those seem likely to me based on that wording, and as a new user I’m going to keep seeing these unnecessary notifications because I’m either afraid or unaware about what to do.


Two things.

First I agree that default ‘new task notifications on’ makes sense in most cases, but it has to be blocked when spawning a new project from a template!

Second. From the three-dots project drop-down menu, add “Notifications >” with a sub-menu to toggle for ‘Status updates’ ‘conversations’ ‘new tasks’, for the logged in person (if they are a project member). Each of which has a checkmark or not depending on the current member-notification-setting.