Where do we log bugs?


Hi all,

I’ve noticed Asana is slowly rolling out their new features for the future of Asana. With the roll out I’ve noticed some small bugs and wanted to know where can I as a user log them? Is this the right place to do it and if so then how?


Is there a place to report possible bugs?

The community with “bug” in the title :slight_smile: cc @Marie


Hi @Mihow and thanks for the mention @Bastien_Siebman; for the time being, I recommend creating a thread in the #productfeedback category; and as Bastien mentioned, you can just add “Bug” at the start of your title (just to make sure to create separate threads for each problem)!


Which category should a bug topic be posted to?

Is there a place to report possible bugs?

I would suggest the #productfeedback category at the moment, but I’m working on restructuring the Forum categories; will keep you posted when I have an update @Vince_Mustachio :slight_smile:


I’m using Firefox Quantum and finding that when I try to move a task, the cursor does not ‘pick up’ the task even though it has turned into a ‘hand’. Then, if i move my mouse or scroll, there is a pop up window that appears and stays static on the page even while the content is scrolling underneath it. the popup window does not disappear even if i adjust the panes, turning them on and off. i also have tried reloading the page, and the issue is somewhat consistent. earlier today, i moved 44 tasks at once from one place on a list into another section on the same list. please advise.?


Hi @UMA_Lo I have had that problem before and it seems to only happen with Firefox. The last two times it has happened for me it was because I wasn’t on the latest Firefox version. Check that and see if that fixes your problem.


Hi Jason, Thanks for the suggestion. I have since confirmed my Firefox version is most up-to-date - and the same problem happened just a minute ago. Any other suggestions or advice?
(Sounds like using another Browser could be a work around… but curious if there is a formal place to document this so that Asana developers can look at it… or maybe you are with Asana - dont’ want to assume either way.)


@Marie did we ever get an answer to this question - Is there a place to report possible bugs? I have found something that isn’t exactly a major problem but is one of those things if no one ever mentions it then it will never get fixed.


Hi @Ruth_Newnham and thanks for the mention! Merging this thread with Where do we log bugs?, have a look above to learn how you can report bugs!