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Topic Replies Activity
About the Bugs category 1 December 18, 2018
Template is not copying dates correctly. 7 July 15, 2019
Calendar missing filters 2 July 15, 2019
Added task to a project does not notify project members via email 1 July 15, 2019
Outage 07/15/2019 12 July 15, 2019
Slow Response Time, Unable to Load 3 July 15, 2019
Slow response rate and pages not loading 3 July 15, 2019
Task via email creates two tasks 2 July 15, 2019
One of our Custom Fields just vanished from all of our projects 2 June 24, 2019
Incorrect due dates in printed format 6 July 12, 2019
No access to my team 7 July 12, 2019
Duplicating a task is not duplicating all the subtasks (only duplicating the first 10 subtasks) 2 July 12, 2019
Milestone tasks don't print 7 July 11, 2019
I'm not able to see the other member's entries, but she can see mine 9 July 11, 2019
Search in this Project search returning results from all projects. 4 July 10, 2019
Cannot paste an image from clipboard in Edge browser on Windows 10 5 July 10, 2019
Create Section feature is missing from our mobile app 63 July 10, 2019
Tag-related reports not working 4 July 10, 2019
Outlook desktop addin down? 30 July 10, 2019
Emojis in Status Updates not showing in Status Update email 3 July 10, 2019
Task created out of nowhere? 3 July 10, 2019
Tasks in "my tasks" not displaying associated project 4 July 10, 2019
Email to project not working 3 July 10, 2019
Changes not saving 3 July 10, 2019
Portfolios: Project Name cuts off, but only sometimes 11 July 9, 2019
Admin Console - Inviting Members 6 July 5, 2019
Asana not working in Microsoft Teams 15 July 5, 2019
tasks duplicate too often after completing tasks, that are set to repeat 3 July 4, 2019
Asana Crashes inviting new team mates 5 July 3, 2019
No horizontal scroll bar in Calendar view 4 July 3, 2019