Where can I find Asana educational resources

Hi Marie,

Our small company has had an Asana account for quite some time, but it has not been utilized in over a year. We now have a number of new team members onboard (including myself) and we’d like to start using Asana on a regular basis. Do you guys do any live 1-1 team training/onboarding or is it all self serve? Also, just a side comment. The lack of a “Contact Us” link on the website is a little frustrating (hence why I’m asking this question here). Thank you for your assistance!

Hi @Rick_Cord and thanks for reaching out! I would highly encourage you to check our Asana Academy, we also offer live trainings, you can check them out and register here: Upcoming live training webinars

If you’ve any product/workflow situations, feel free to post in the Forum, we’ll be more than happy to help!

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A number of us offer training/onboarding. You can find us at these two spots:



And you can often reach me in realtime here:



Thank you. How long are your live training classes (typically)? It only shows start times, not duration.

Thank you!


Hi @Rick, webinars are usually an hour long!

Thank you Marie. Finally saw duration, in the session detail after registering. Just a suggestion: It would be helpful if you guys could include that detail in the training description.



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Totally agree @Rick_Cord, I did not mention it in my previous reply but I’ve made a task for team in charge of webinars to take this feedback onboard!