Hotline for Asana: Get immediate help from a Certified Pro 🎉

Are you new to Asana? Trying to wrap your head around an Asana feature or complex workflow? Stuck? Don’t want to dig through Forum posts or wait for an answer? Wondering how a seasoned expert would do it?

Now there is Hotline for Asana. This new service will give you immediate access to an Asana Certified Pro for a screen share, chat, or video call.

@Bastien_Siebman and Larry Berger (@lpb) are two of the first Certified Pros. They’ve answered hundreds of questions in this Forum sharing their combined dozen years of Asana experience. Bastien is also the founder of Templana and other Asana apps, and Larry is the creator of Asana2Go. They’ve launched Hotline for Asana as part of Minimalist Work.

We think you’d be surprised to discover just how much progress you can make in a brief screen share with an expert. The introductory rate is $50US for 20 minutes.

With :heart: from France and San Francisco,

Bastien and Larry

PS: No direct affiliation with Asana.

PPS: We’d also love your feedback on this concept here or at Hotline for Asana too; reach out!


My feedback: what an awesome idea :slight_smile:


Great Idea! Let me know if you need someone in Boston.


Great Idea guy’s… Hope it is a great success…


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Awesome idea. Let me know if you want someone in Karachi - Pakistan.


How much does Thi service cost?

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Hi @Jess_Leka, and welcome,

We can still use the rate from the original post:



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