Asana live (online) training for the organization

Dear all!
Some time ago we, as organization, used to have an account manager, and we also were offered a pre-set amount of hours that we can use for team training by an Asana representative.

Hope @pforumleader can sort this out of that thing is still available.
The need is to make basic Asana training for Top managers (up to 5 ppls) who are currently very slow with using Asana.

Hi @Xenia_Cubrac , it sounds like that may have been some hours offered by the Asana Customer Success team. Do you recall who was your account manager? If so, DM me, I can put you in touch with the Account Manager for Cyprus.

On the other hand, as you probably know, Asana Solutions Partners (like myself) can provide professional services such as implementation, consulting and training. I can also deliver training sessions in Greek if your managers prefer (I’m fully bilingual).


Exactly @Richard_Sather , that was the Customer Success team! Yet since then a couple of account managers changed other and the last person simply stopped answering my e-mails :laughing:

Let us start with the Account Manager for Cyprus, as the company is registered there, yet the top managers are located in Israel so Hebrew or English are very welcome as languages.

But I will definitely have you in mind!

Ok, I’ll DM you their details…

Thank you!