"When task added" rule running before I've finished typing in Board view

Hi, I have a rule set with the intention of, when a task is created, setting a custom field to a default value if a value hasn’t been selected when the task is added.

However, the rule is firing before I’ve even finished typing in the name of the task. This mainly seems to happen when I use an “add task” button while in board view, and means the task is created without a full name, and then moved to the backlog section.

Am I doing something wrong?

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Hi @Steve_Parkinson

A good way to solve that issue is to add a condition for your rule to not fire immediately.

Example of condition could be:

  • When task is moved to a certain section
  • Or When task has an owner

If you are subscribed to the pricing plan “Advanced” (or “Business”), you can use Custom Rules.
And you can either replace your “When” by that condition; or create a rule in 3 steps (with the new rule builder.

Please let me know if you manage to do it :slightly_smiling_face:

And if I misunderstood your request, please send a screenshot of your rule :wink:

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Note, you can actually create Custom rules in ‘Starter’ tier also, but not in it’s equivalent legacy ‘Premium’ tier, as described in this post. :wink:


Ran into the same issue. My solve was to create a single select custom field called ‘activate rule’ and use that as the condition. Once I’m finished creating a task with all needed fields I click ‘activate rule’. Seems to have solved the issue thus far


Thanks Laura,

I have to say that sounds more like a workaround for a bug!

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