Certain Rules run slowly or not at all depending on what view is used to add a Task

I like the easy readability of a task name with a prepended emoji, so I’ve been trying out the use of a Rule to do so. Mostly, this works well. However, I have found that there are certain views where the prepending is slow, or in the case of calendar, where it never works.

Here is my preferred Rule:

and a similar Rule using only text:

I tried various scenarios, going to List, Board, Project Calendar, and My Tasks locations to add a Task to the Project in question. Here are the results:

So, in no case was I EVER able to see the Rule having effect when a Task was added in the Project Calendar.

For other views where I tried adding Tasks, I often needed to wait several seconds, up to 5 seconds, to see the prepending. If I completed typing the Task name and exiting the new Task before prepending, it did not occur and never occurred. (Makes sense, as the time of “When a Task is added…” is terminated at the time editing is exited.)

NOTE: I’m complaining about a certain type of Rule running too slowly. A previous issue was raised on Rules running too fast, see: "When task added" rule running before I've finished typing in Board view

Also, a Rule with a different “Do this” instruction, such as “Add subtask”, DOES run correctly even when a Task is added in Project Calendar view. It seems that the issue I’m seeing is based on the time uncertainties and lags resuting from a Rule and human editing interacting.

I doubt if this would ever be fixed, I’m just documenting it for the sake of others.

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@anon91170507 - I’m glad you documented it, but why not report this as a bug, since it clearly doesn’t behave the way the rule is intended to behave and is inconsistent depending on the view?

I tried it out and was able to replicate the issue you are having.
The odd thing is that the notifications indicate that Asana thinks the rule is running, but as you said, it doesn’t prepend the emoji (or other text). So the rule runs, but as you said, no prepending if any characters were added by a human to the task name (which also means if you duplicate an existing task, it does work… but annoying and useless workaround I thought I would mention regardless :slight_smile: ).