Delay for Asana rules

We have a rule (in several projects) which sets a status field equal to “done” as soon as a task is finished. This works fine, but there is a sort of bug when this is a reoccuring task: since the Asana rule applies and then the next task in the series is created, it inherits the “done” property. This is not correct, since we have just created a new task which is not done.

A possible workaround for this is to be able to set delays for the action of Asana rules. In this case, a delay of one minute should be sufficient. Namely, the new task is created (this takes usually less than a minute) and then the old finished task gets “done” as its status, but not the new one.

A delay could be also useful for other situations.

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I would report this in the bugs section @Martin_Brandenburg so they get it fixed instead of having to develop a workaround.

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Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Martin_Brandenburg! Just to make sure I understand the issue, could you confirm what happen to the complete task? Is the new task created added to the Done section? Thanks!

Hi Emily. I was refering to custom fields, not to sections. The completed task gets the status field option “done”, which is the expected behavior. Since only after this the new task is created, it inherits this option. It is in the same section, but has “done” as its status.

EDIT: I was just trying to recreate this issue in a small test project, and it did not happen … The status field for the new task was empty.

Upvoting: I came looking for a way to delay rule processing in the case where someone s adding a task to a section and still needs to add other details. I get Asana notifications with half filled in details, and it is a nuisance. If the rule could be designed with a delay or waiting period, it would help a lot in reducing the noise of notifications.


I think this is a pretty simple problem that is making task creation difficult. If you have a rule in place that say, moves a task to a certain section, project, upon creation, that rule fires as soon as you stop typing. Assuming you are creating the task in the task list-view. It moves the ticket and you lose focus on the input.
If rules could be applied at any time that is not immediately when the task is created then the User Experience would be improved greatly. Thanks!