When Rules run, the pop-ups are disruptive

I have a lot of Rules that run when new tasks are created or marked complete.

Whenever a Rule is triggered, there’s a pop-up on the bottom left of the screen. They stack upwards if there are multiple.

If you mark many tasks complete in a row, or you create many tasks at one time, the whole left side of your screen just fills with these pop-ups. (Marking tasks complete gives you two popups! – one for the completion, one for the Rule.)

The unfortunate thing is the left side of the screen is where all the action is – it’s where you begin typing new tasks, where you mark tasks complete, where you navigate to another project…

I frequently have to stop the work I’m doing to clear away these pop-ups, so I can keep working. It’s super ironic because Rules are supposed to make my work more efficient but the confirmation that the Rules are working is actually making me less efficient.

I got rid of these by installing the Amino Chrome extension and adding this bit of CSS to apply “Site” wide.

.TipToast.ToastContainer {
    display: none;

.ToastManager {
    display: none;

It just hides all of those annoying toast boxes by setting their display property to none.

I can just underline the point. The popups don’t add any value and running multiple rules on multiple tasks generates an enormous amount of popups. And what is worse, the same popups run on other instances of Asana, as soon as you switch a tab. I use multiple tabs in Chrome for different projects and so I have the pleasure of getting the popup tsunami several times. If there are people who love the popups for rules, maybe it makes sense, to give the option to switch them off, instead of Asana getting rid of the completely.

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