Reduce clutter by allowing rule notification lines to collapse

I really like the way My Tasks is organized now, and how well it works to create sections (Today/Tomorrow/Upcoming) to keep work prioritized.

However, since each time a rule runs it creates a notification line, you quickly get a ton of lines building up, especially if a task has to get postponed a bunch of times. It woudl be great if large blocks of these like I sometimes get could collapse into a line or two, with a “see more” link. I get that the information has to be recorded, but I’ve never found it helpful to reference it and I would prefer it be collapsed or just not be there at all.

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Hey @TrevorWiser
I agree this would be good in same cases.
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Maybe I’m just the world’s worst procrastinator, but I just came across this on one of my tasks. It’s just helpful to no one :grimacing: