Overlapping pop-up notification/toasts piling up over tasks

Recently I have found myself creating and editing very large projects with many repetitive clicking, dragging, selecting and deleting of tasks.

This creates a pilling effect of notifications on the left side of the screen, while overlapping the very left side of the task list item, covering the dotted area (6 little dots) that are meant for grabbing and dragging tasks around.

This means I waste time either waiting for the notification to disappear on it’s own, clicking to close it, or worst and most frustrating - have it pop-up exactly what I am about to grab an item and it sneaks up on me just as I click, preventing me from grabbing the item.

I think the best solution is to have these notifications pile up from the opposite cornet on the bottom right side of the screen, or better, create a notification bin/window with a predefined maximum area (also on the bottom right side of the screen - and/or in the menu on the left) with a history button allowing for access of recent notifications, restoring deleted items and undo buttons too.


Agree those notifications drive me insane. So do delayed rules.

Just yesterday I was trying to demo something in Asana to someone, and the rules are so delayed a lot of times you end up clicking somewhere on a task and a rule takes effect a split second before (like moving a task) and you end up clicking the wrong thing and it causes other changes you have to back out of. The worst is when it causes you to make a change that notifies the people on the task, then notifies them again when you figure out what you did and change it back.

I’m just venting about the delayed rules, but I’ve always thought the notifications should be a horizontal bar along the bottom of the window that doesn’t interfere with anything else.

Oh ya!
The delayed rules definitely deserve a post of there own. Happens to me a lot, especially while demonstrating to others (just like you described).