Timeline adjustment notifications

Hi! When adjusting a project in timeline view, I’m often dragging around multiple start/due dates and removing/adding dependencies. Every time I make any such change, Asana displays a rather large notification/confirmation in the bottom left corner. (These disappear after several seconds.)

I’d like to suggest that these large confirmation messages aren’t necessary. They accumulate and “stack up”, since I work faster than they disappear. This obscures the left sidebar and I have to either:

  • wait for them to disappear, or
  • manually dismiss each one

…before I can access my sidebar again.

I understand the need for these confirmations in other contexts, but in timeline view, I think the visual change in the timeline itself (i.e., that the task is dragged into a new position, or the dependency arrow has been added/removed/redrawn) is enough confirmation. The overlays are redundant.

Thank you for listening. :grin:

Unfortunately I can only vote once for this :slight_smile:

I agree, there should be a setting to turn off/on certain notifications.


Ooh I like that idea — an even more general solution than what I was proposing. (Now you have me considering whether or not I ever want those overlays to appear…)

I upvoted on this as well. What would be cool is instead of having all of the notifications or no notifications, when an action like this takes place, instead of getting all the notifications stacked, you get one notification:
‘A number of tasks have their due dates adjusted by XXX from the timeline view. click here to review all the changes’


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