When creating a new task from a template task, put it at the top of the display

When I generate a new task from a template task, it appears by default at the very bottom of my list view. I’m not sure if that’s intended, or the result of my particular default view’s sort order, or what. But sometimes the bottom of my list view is “below the fold”, so it’s not obvious that anything new was created. I have to remember to scroll down and hunt for it.

Also, the new task is added to my last section (list view) or column (board view). This is counterintuitive, as almost always I want a new task to appear in the top-most section (or left-most column), as the task will progress through phases from top to bottom or left to right (Kanban style).

I propose that new tasks from template tasks appear in the top-most section or left-most column.


My trick when I create a task from a task template is to click on the task name in the bottom-left notification → that way I don’t care about where the task is created?

I’m actually having the opposite problem! When I create a new template from a task, it shows up at the top of the section – and I’d rather add it to the bottom. I don’t think it’s an either-or situation. It would just be nice to have more flexibility. Maybe drag-n-drop where you want it?