Automatically have a new task under a section convert to form template?

I would like to have any new task created under a specific section to require the user to fill out a form I created under templates. I’m looking at rules and triggers but not seeing anything. Thanks in advance and sorry for all the questions!

Hi @Amanda_Horne2,

Are you asking for a form to be sent to the task creator to fill out for more details?


I have already created the form under “convert task to template.”

Basically I have a section under each of our clients I’m creating called “JOBS.” Each job needs the same form to populate without having to convert a task to a template. Does that make sense? I’m hoping for a rule that will automatically require the form upon task creation WIHTOUT having to convert the task to a template. Is that possible?


Maybe some screenshots of what you are trying to accomplish will help?

See if this helps - I’m basically trying to avoid having staff convert every job they enter to a template. Can the “New Job Template” automatically pop up when adding a new task somehow?


I think I’m understanding what you’re trying to do. I want to point out a couple of things I’m thinking so that I can make sure we are on the same page before I offer what I hope to be a solution.

  1. Tasks can not be created from forms without directly accessing the form from the URL Link.
  2. Converting a task to a template only creates a version of that task so that it can be reused multiple times.

Now, if you want your team to create jobs from the form you have created you might want to consider creating a static task “Create new Jobs Here”, then have the URL to the form there for them to access.

Another option is you can add the form URL to the project overview and have them visit that each time they want to create a new job.

I understand you not wanting them to access the form using the form link in customize, as they might accidentally edit something. Without knowing more about your process, or if I’m even understanding your needs, this is the easiest solution I can think of.


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