Task templates usability problems

I’d like to be able to select a “default” or “primary” Task Template for any given project, so that new tasks use the predefined template without the need of extra clicks.

From a product perspective I see two changes happening:

  1. Ability to select the “default” or “primary” Task Template to be used for new tasks. Probably involving a switch within the New Task Template Dialog and a radio-like button within the Customize>Task templates’ card.

  2. Ability to switch the Task Template when creating a new task. Probably involving an arrow-triggered dropdown besides the task name field.

Please note that there are a few UX problems / inconsistencies at the moment:

  1. Creating tasks from the List view doesn’t give the option to use Task Templates.

  2. Creating tasks from the board view by pressing the Enter key, just after creating a task, does not: 1) prompt the Task Template selector, and 2) use the same Task Template selected for the previous task.

Hi @Jesus_Iniesta and welcome to the forum!

A couple of comments…

Can you split this suggestion out into a separate forum post? In general but especially when you post in the Product Feedback section, it’s encouraged to make separate posts for separate issues/suggestions so they can be independently voted on. I love this idea of a default task template and will definite vote for it!

I would posit that these are not problems/inconsistencies but rather UI decisions - one can agree or disagree with them, but I don’t find them inconsistent.

The UX they went with is that if you want a task based on a task template, you use the “Add new” or “+” button in List view and the “Add task” or “+” button in Board view - all of those give you access to task templates - and if you create a new task by hitting Enter in either view, you don’t get access to templates, it just creates a new blank task. I’m betting they experimented with prompting for task templates when hitting Enter and found it to be a jarring experience; I think having a popup every time you hit Enter would not be a great UX.