Change "Duplicate Task include" default settings

I am not asking about creating a project or company template; I am only asking about duplicating a TASK. I only use a TASK template for creating new tasks - as most of the task details are the same for each task. The issue is, every time I duplicate a task I must check “Assignee”, UNcheck “tags”, and check “Collaborators”.

Is it possible to make these settings default for when I create a duplicate task from my template task so I don’t have to do this every time?

It does not exist at the moment, I’ll let @Emily_Roman move this into Product feedback if it does not exist already.

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Hi @Zvi_Twersky :wave:t3:

As Bastien mentioned already this is in not possible at the moment and not in our short time plans either. But I’ve gone ahead and moved your request to our #productfeedback category in order to allow other community folks to support your request. I’ll keep you posted here as soon as I have an update!

I would have love to have this feature as well. I use the duplicate function regularly and it costs me several click each time to get what I want by default.