Change "Duplicate Task include" default settings

I am not asking about creating a project or company template; I am only asking about duplicating a TASK. I only use a TASK template for creating new tasks - as most of the task details are the same for each task. The issue is, every time I duplicate a task I must check “Assignee”, UNcheck “tags”, and check “Collaborators”.

Is it possible to make these settings default for when I create a duplicate task from my template task so I don’t have to do this every time?


It does not exist at the moment, I’ll let @Emily_Roman move this into Product feedback if it does not exist already.


Hi @Zvi_Twersky :wave:t3:

As Bastien mentioned already this is in not possible at the moment and not in our short time plans either. But I’ve gone ahead and moved your request to our #productfeedback category in order to allow other community folks to support your request. I’ll keep you posted here as soon as I have an update!


I would have love to have this feature as well. I use the duplicate function regularly and it costs me several click each time to get what I want by default.



Agree. I duplicate all project tasks and allocate them to team members. Being able to select Due Date as a default setting would save so many clicks. Also I have to remove the text Duplicate Task each time which is time consuming. I’d like to be able to replicate each task with the same name and Due Date and then allocate to individuals.

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Agreed! SO necessary!

Yes, Please!

Our team would greatly appreciate a feature like this. It would cut back an enormous amount of time if we could set the parameters of duplicated tasks globally.

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100%, such a simple feature that’s so necessary. I would love to have assignee as a default duplication feature. Easy to forget and then have to assign manually or reduplicate if you catch it immediately.

if you could please do that (allow us to change and freeze the default settings when duplicating a project), it is so so necessary for implementing project alignment among my department

@Emily_Roman tagging you here for visibility ^^^^

Yes! I have to duplicate a task and put it into about 200 projects and it would be so nice to change what is included. For this project I need the tasks to include the assignee and the due date.
Also bulk duplicating tasks would save our team hours. Bulk duplicating as in grabbing multiple tasks and having duplicated made of each in one action.

Was just searching for this feature, would be really helpful!!

Also Agree! setting up templates for those not super familiar with Asana .

Would also love to be able to do this!

Yes please. We need this added

Adding agreement - this automation would be incredibly helpful!

It appears this feature was first requested almost 3 years ago. Any updates? Being able to define default settings for templates is clearly needed by the community.


Agreed & also request. Seems like it should be a pretty simple “remember choices” default.