Make task templates more visible from project view

I’m finding that existing task templates are often underutilized in my organization. People will usually use the template a few times after being advised of it, then they forget all about it and revert back to manually creating tasks. Besides lost efficiencies, this leads to errors as task templates often include instructions and/or pre-populated fields. When the templates aren’t used, instructions aren’t followed and/or fields get populated incorrectly or aren’t populated at all. Then if there are rules that are to be triggered by those fields, and they aren’t populated or populated incorrectly, the rule isn’t triggered when it should be - leading to a complete process breakdown. I would love to see task templates made more visible, i.e. a link to the templates at the top of the project view (i.e. “Task templates available”), or list them under Add New+ (visible without having to click the drop down view) - or provide it as an option in the task template set up (i.e. show task templates available in project view? Y/N). Any type of visual cue that a task template exists would be helpful.


Until/if Asana makes this change (and I’m not sure they will because others might find the additional affordances more intrusive), consider these workarounds while you’re waiting:

  • Add a :point_right: task at the top, or in the “i” info popup calling extra attention to the task templates in projects that would benefit from them
  • Write a rule that is triggered by two conditions (use the “+” sign): 1) task added to this project, and 2) cleared, where is one that the templates set, so this would be indication of a new task not coming from a template. The action could be to add a comment asking to re-add the task with a task template, which the creator, who is likely a collaborator, would see. You could even automatically complete the task if desired.

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Hope that helps in the meantime,


@lpb thanks for the suggestions and the reminder to vote :wink:

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