how to I get a new task to appear on top of my list

i googled it and it only shows me results - on advice on how to get it to the bottom - but that is now the default settings. how can I automatically get it on top?

thank you

If you wish to see a task on a top of your list in a project view simply click and hold it while moving it to the top.

ok. maybe i should have said automatically to the top - as sometimes lists get long and it is a little bothersome when adding a lot of new tasks

There is a small ‘+’ sign when you hover on the section name, when you click the + sign, it will create a task on top of the list

Similarly, if you want to the task to be on the bottom of the list, add task from the Green area

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@Mathias1, In addition to @Leonarce’s great repy, if you happen to have your cursor on the first task, doing Shift+Enter will open a new task above the current task. (Doing just Enter on any task opens a new task below the current task.)


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That does not seem to work – when i press „+“ it adds to to the bottom

Shit + enter also did not do the trick

It should work like guys have described above. If it is not working for you well would you be so kind to provide us with some screenshots so that we can understand your problem fully?

Have you checked if the sorting is set to none?

thanks. it was the sorting! i appreciate it!

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