Adding a task so it displays at the top

My Asana main task page recently changed outta nowhere - it displays differently than before and I don’t prefer it! I have tried to adjust my settings to get it back but can’t figure out why it changed :frowning: But also, when I go to add a task using the blue “+ add task” button at the top, it doesn’t show the task AT THE TOP; it brings it all the way down to the bottom of the list under “Marked for Today”, so i can’t just quickly add it or see it and continue filling in all of the details right there at the top of page. it seems like it would be such a simple thing to fix but I cannot figure it out. HELP! thanks.

Hi Christina,

This happened because you have a small :arrow_down: in “Due Date” column, which tell Asana to sort the task based on the due date (hence you see it’s sorted from Today, Tomorrow, and so on…)

Also, notice that top right above the table, you’ll see double arrow ‘Sort: Due Date’, simply click and change to None, and you should get the task back to manual sorting.


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It’s an A/B testing that’s currently running on several selected users. Give it a couple days to try and you’ll love it. **I haven’t got mine :frowning: *

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Hmm, that’s so weird. :frowning: So there’s not a way to keep the due dates sorted at the top (because I obviously like to see what’s due today at the top!) and still add a task to the top? There used to be, so I’m wondering if there’s a way to get it back to the old setting…? Can I change it back or I’m stuck with this new version for selected users?? thanks for helping me!

Christina Galloway


As mentioned before by @Leonarce , change Sort to None in the top right My Tasks toolbar to see the view as you order things.

If you do your arranging only within the Today grouping, then you can be assured nothing will be shifted automatically by Asana (due to the auto task promotion feature).

To add a new task above all others, left-click the existing first task, then do Shift+Enter.


To elaborate, I believe this is not a test but rather the new My Tasks view being rolled out slowly to everyone. Can’t wait to get it myself!

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I totally agree with this! Although unfortunately removing the arrow on ‘sorting by due date’ won’t solve my problem. I used to always sort by due date because that’s the most useful view for me (I still want to see my tasks in order or today, tomorrow, etc.). What I don’t want is (and what’s recently changed) is that when i change a task from due today to due in 2 weeks, Asana now automatically scrolls me down to two weeks away, to that task, rather than keeping me up at the top in the today section.

This functionality isn’t useful because the whole point of the My Tasks page is to have a quick view of all tasks and be able to reorganise their due dates quickly and efficiently. Does that make sense? And is there any way to change this functionality back to how it used to be earlier this week?

Yeah, I’m not going to lie - I hate it. I wish there was a way to go back to the way it was before. No chance??

Every time I add a task, it makes me scroll ALLLLL the way to the bottom, and I have trouble even finding where it has the empty task… thanks guys.

To clarify - I was actually saying thanks for the help at the end, I realize now that sounded kinda rude if read in a different way! Sorry about that. But if anyone knows how to get it back so I can add my tasks at the top, I’d greatly appreciate the help! It just seems weird to me that it’s functioning like this, to be honest, and that there wouldn’t be an option ??

hmm, I tried the left-click and shift+enter several times, but that didn’t work. also, if you sort to None, it just has a bunch of randomized tasks w/ different due dates. am I missing something? who would want to see their page that way? I’m so confused.


The Shift+Enter only works if Sort is None (not when Sort is Due Date).

Have you read the Guide (My Tasks: your Asana to-do list | Product guide • Asana) about why one would use Sort None in My Tasks (which is how I use it)? It involves some manual effort but I find it worth it.


I tried it that way both times, with no luck.

I’ll read up on the page you suggest.

You can try in browser incognito mode and see if that helps; if not you can report to Asana Support.