Make new tasks appear at the bottom by default

I’m using Asana to manage a product development backlog.

I have a Backlog project, where I created a Priorized section at the top, and an Unpriorized section at the bottom. When I create a new task in this project, it goes the the top (above Priorized section). How can I make new tasks appear at the bottom (Unpriorized section) by default? Thanks.

Hi @Daniel_Serodio

I don’t know of a way to do that at the moment, but if you change the category of your post to Product Feedback you could make this a feature request that people can vote on.

Here’s the info for how it works:


You can create the task also from the project to have it in the correct section : open the project, click on the last task of your section “Unpriorized section” and press enter. This way the new task is created in the correct section.

However, if you use the + button then I don’t know how to do that by default as you mention.

Hi @Daniel_Serodio; Michael here form Asana.

To echo what @Mark_Hudson had to say about not being able to make new Tasks appear at the bottom of your List (as opposed to the top), I can confirm that this is not something you can currently accomplish within the product.

I highly suggest that you include your request in post within our Product Feedback category. This is where our developers take a look at what the needs of our community are & to discuss what is possible/viable to add onto future roadmaps. The link as Mark mentioned before, is here: Product Feedback - Asana Community Forum

Hope this helps!


Have you the submitted the feature request yet?

I’d love to see a generalized version of this. Not just the ability to have new tasks start at the bottom, but rather a system for users to just be able to create their own rules for where tasks land based on any data that exists for a specific task.

So, when creating a new task in a certain project, that project could have a rule that determines which section that task is placed in (and maybe how it is sorted among existing tasks in that section). In your case, the rule would be something like “all new tasks assigned to the Backlog project get placed in Unprioritized section.”

There could also be rules that say things like, when a task in Unprioritized section meets certain conditions, move to a “Need to prioritize soon” section (based on due dates, who it is assigned to, other fields, etc.)

I would love to see this functionality for specific projects and for the My Tasks list. As far as I can tell, there are two of these rules that exist by default in My Tasks: move from Later to Upcoming when due date is one week away; and move from Later to Today when due date is one day away.

I’d love the ability to create and modify such rules for My Tasks or any project.


Hi @Zachary_Goldman; thanks for following up with us on this.

Your post here is actually the best way to alert our Team of feature requests submitted by our members. :slight_smile:

While we cannot promise that all product requests will make our roadmap, I can assure you that our developers regularly check this space to with needs & asks of our members.

Pretty sure if you set the list to be sorted by date, then add a new task without a date it will

The assumption here is all prior tasks have a date. Not exactly what you asked but one way to accomplish this.

Another is to create a subtask Called “Prioritized:” and place all prioritized below this task. When you enter a new task everything will be created above it.

Again not exactly what was asked by maybe it achieves the goal. I’ve used both as a work around depending on the type of list and frequency in which I visit it.

That’s what I ended up doing. I want to sort by priority. I created a “Priorized” section where tasks are manually sorted, and on the “Unpriorized” section we don’t care about ordering. Naturally, the Priorized section is at the top, but when someone creates a new task, it’s created above the Priorized section, but I’d like it to be created below the Unpriorized section.

I moved the post from the Tips and Tricks category to the Product Feedback category, I hope that’s what I should’ve done :slight_smile:

It doesn’t happen by default, however when I add tasks to projects i click the downwards arrow to the right of the project name and it allows me to select which section I’d like the task to appear in.
It is then also added to the bottom of that section.

This may be a temporary workaround?

Thanks Christine, I’ll try to educate our users to to that :slight_smile:

I’m looking to switch my office to Asana from another program, but this feature is essential. We currently add tasks continually to the bottom of a list, so users can glance to the bottom to see what’s new. This would be solved if the ‘Add Task’ button automatically went to the bottom of the list, or if there was an option to sort tasks in a project by Date Created, or even better, Date Modified.

This seems so necessary to me–am I missing something? How is everyone keeping track with recent activity in tasks?

Hello! Our team is also having this issue.

How can we add the OPTION to choose whether new tasks are nested to top or bottom? Seems like a simple solution that can be added under settings. It’s such a crucial yet simple solution to shaving a few seconds per task.

Please consider adding this option. Thanks!


Hi, i seem to be having the opposite issue - i want al my new tasks to be at the top (like an email or SMS). Is there any way to get this happening? Cheers :slight_smile:

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I have posted this request here: New tasks should go to bottom of project board, not top.

Please vote if you agree

Have you tried using Rules? It looks like you might be able to say whenever a new task is added to the project, automatically move it to the Unprioritized section. I haven’t tested this though.

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 9.11.50 PM


Yes now task show at the bottom which is useless. new task need to be at top as we also uses it for things like emails and form request coming in. simple allow a toggle or allow a rule to define where a new task shows up. Why force people into one or the other. Also changing it is really bad as people had their systems designed how it used to work.

unfortunately we can’t show custom fields in a custom search. How about they not change how their system works or if they do change default allow option to change default. All they did was create the exact opposite problem for people who designed their system around the previous default.