When a staff member leaves, do their private boards float away into the abyss?

I have a governance-related question to help me understand where the risks are in our Asana account.

I understand that there are boards/projects that can be made private to a user/team. But what happens when this user leaves? I know that tasks assigned to them are funnelled into a project upon decommissioning their account, but is this also the case for tasks on private boards? What if these private tasks weren’t assigned to anyone?


Welcome, @Liana_Moule,


to answer your questions. Basically, tasks the deprovisioned user’s tasks are unassigned and everything remains.

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Sorry Larry I didn’t quite understand your answer. Would you mind rephrasing?

I can see that I can re-assign their My Tasks - that’s great. But for tasks to be here they must be assigned to that user. I’m asking about unassigned tasks within private projects for which the deprovisioned user has created.

Those remain, as mentioned in the linked Guide article.