What exactly happens to tasks when a user is removed from the tool?

When you remove a user does it just create a project and multihome the assigned tasks into the newly created project? Also leaving it on the original project?


Does it move the task into the new project and remove it from the original?

Also, does it keep the task assigned to that user, assigns to any task to the project owner, or unassigns the task?

Finally, “contains every task visible to the project owner” what if the selected project owner doesn’t have visibility to the task, then what?

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I actually just wrote a Forum Leader’s Tip related to this topic; see it and the links included there:


Thanks Larry! But if we are not able to log in as the user being removed, can these actions be taken from the Admin console?

No, not all of them, I’m afraid. Some you’ll have to do advanced search if you have access, otherwise, and for others, support@asana.com.



One other question - if the person is in a private project, will their tasks be visible to the admin once they are deprovisioned? As a large enterprise organization its possible that people will leave unexpectedly, so we would not have time to go in and take these proactive actions even if we could. Login is through SSO for us, so we are not able to gain access as another user.
What I really need to know is:

if a task is in a project that is private, will it be added to the newly created project or not?

if you use advance search, does it hide task the that you don’t have access to?



Good questions!

I believe it will.

That’s right; advanced search only presents search results that you have access to see.

Hope that helps,


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