Tasks completed by deleted members

I’m trying to generate a report of all the tasks that were completed by someone who is no longer in our workspace. Is there a way to do that?

We have noticed when you remove an Asana user from a workspace all of their tasks (completed and incomplete) become unassigned. The incomplete tasks are multi-homed to a “Previously Assigned Tasks” project. However, the completed tasks stay completed without any assignee. This, in addition to the user being removed, makes it difficult to find the tasks completed by that user or any projects they owned (Deactivated Users still listed as project owner).


I found a workaround for this that might be helpful to others: before you remove someone from your workspace, use Advanced Search to find all the tasks assigned to that person, then export the CSV report and keep it for your records.


Another work around is to create tag for them & then delete the user. Asana should have a way of deleting users so you do not need to pay for the extra users no longer with the company but still be able to keep all that had happened in place. As time goes on the user count you pay for will continue to grow.

As it stands it seems to be a great way for asana to continue to charge for users no one needs or remembers.

Yes, this is also a great solution. Thanks for sharing!

Asana allows admins to remove anyone who is no longer using Asana and they are deleted from the users list.

Am aware you can delete a user but we would be better served if an option to disable a user would exist so the history is perserved and user count is not being used


Agreed, that would be ideal as it would allow better searching and reporting options.