Is there a way to search for tasks completed by a team member that has been removed?

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I am looking for a way to search for tasks that have been completed by a user that has been removed from Asana in the meantime.

Is there a way to search for these tasks?


Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Renata_Miskei-Sebok!

Usually when a user is removed via the admin console you have the option to create a project with all the tasks of this user (including completed ones) that you can then reassign if required.

Here is a great post on what to consider doing before removing a user: Remove/Offboard/Deprovision a User from an Organization, and what to do beforehand

Now in your case it seems the user was removed already, have a look here this should help: Recover tasks assigned to deleted account - #2 by Emily_Roman

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