Keep assignee after team member is deleted

It’s quite difficult to track tasks within a certain project when a team member leaves the company and their Asana account is deleted. Their name is completely removed from the Assignee field and only a blank space is left. My request is that the user’s name be converted to static text (it wouldn’t link to a profile anymore).

This is particularly inconvenient when I’m exporting data for reports, since the cell is left blank and I have to go back to the Asana task and scroll up through all the task activity to see who was initially assigned to it. Thanks for your consideration!

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When you remove somebody from your organization a private project containing all previously assigned tasks will be created, more info here: Admin Console • Asana Product Guide

Now you can just go into this project and multi-select tasks in list view to reassign them.

Or you add a people custom field to all these tasks.

The „created by“ metadata field might be helpful in your case.

Thank you, Andrea! The private project sounds useful for re-assigning, but because we’re a large organization the “Admin user” is our IT department. I’ll have to check and see if they have a process for inviting members to the project that is automatically created.

The “created by” field could help with my export so I can look into that, as well. Not a perfect solution but better than nothing!

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Yeah so how we handle it is based on the person (coordinator) somebody would report to.
Meaning if a designer leaves the time the project with the private tasks that is being created is assigned to the design team lead so they can ensure tasks are reassigned etc.

I definitely recommend setting up such procedure to ensure no tasks fall into limbo :slight_smile:

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