What tool/service does Asana use for it's guide




We are a startup in NY and are about to launch a new security app and have been on a search to find a good help site tool. We use Asana and we really like how the guide works and was hoping you could let us know what you used or if it was homegrown and if so, is it open sourced or available? I hope this isn’t too much inside baseball. Thanks!!


In the page source code there are references to Luna which is the language created by Asana so I guess this is their own creation :thinking:


Hi @John_Virgolino and @Bastien_Siebman!

We’re using a SaaS CMS called Statamic (http://statamic.com/). You can read more about it in this post from the Asana Blog: http://eng.asana.com/2014/02/scaling-asana-com/

Hope this helps, have both a great weekend! :slight_smile:


I am not a very good Sherlock Holmes then :sweat_smile: