Bitskout, feedback on use case videos

Hello team!

We are super excited about App components that will allow our users get the full power of A.I. at their Asana projects.

We’ve prepared examples to publish in different channels but I wanted to get your feedback first. I am quite certain that these are helpful examples, but I am worried if they are Asana way use case.

Anyways, here is the playlist on Youtube, all videos are less than 30s. Please check them out and tell me what you think:

Thank you in advance!

That is super impressive! I would not know how to use it myself, but still very nice to see!

Thanks, @Bastien_Siebman for the feedback. There are other examples that we are preparing (task effort prediction, forecasting for sales/demand, predicting blog engagement based on the topic, meeting/transcript summaries, etc.)

I feel like many tools are just a shell for reporting - while the real work happens elsewhere and you just report it in the PM tool. I think with extra features that bring more substance to tasks & connect them with real work, PM tools like Asana can really become something more than just a notebook of your work.

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