What happens with history when a user is removed

Dear All,

We want to avoid unnessercary members in Asana, so when people leaving (organisation or customer) we want to remove their account (Members or guests). The question is, what will happen with the history of the tasks / activity. Will that still be visible?


Hi @Niels_Oomen if you remove from the admin console and turn on the create a new project from tasks you as the admin will get a project with the tasks in there that were assigned to that person. The history/audit log will say the person it wont remove them

Hi Danielle,

Thanks for the feedback. But I want to avoid creating new projects, because the tasks are already beloning to a project. Why is asana creating a new project.

Well otherwise when you remove a user it will remove them as the assignee on the tasks and they will get lost with other unassigned tasks. It makes it easier to bulk reassign the tasks to whomever is taking over their role.

Ok. I understand that, but will there not be a lot of unnecessary projects in the system.
Further I’m not concerned about the running tasks, but about the comments from the past: "person X made a comment on 12-02-2023.

I just saw in our own system that for a removed member, Asana is still showing the history of comments visible in the task, but she was removed as an assignee for a completed task. That last part I do no see as a problem. For future tasks, the new asignee can be done manual.

Hi Niels, then don’t tick the create a project option.

The Asana will show the history because it is an audit trial. it wont remove their name from the activity updates

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