What does the carrot at the end of a task mean

You all need to make it MUCH clearer where we are to ask questions, is there support for this product that we pay money to use? I just spent a lot of unnecessary time trying to figure out how to send a message to support - I guess a random public forum is the only way.

Now on to my question, what does the carrot at the end of a task mean? I notice that it appears on some of my tasks and not on others. Please clarify.

Thank you.

Can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing/referring to?

Hi @Angela_Rose and sincere apologies for the trouble.

If you need to, you can reach out to our support team following these steps, but we can also help you here in the Community Forum!

Is this the carrot you’re referring to?

If so, this sign indicates the task is currently nested in the “Later” Section of your My Tasks. to learn more about My Tasks, and the TOday, Upcoming and Later sections, you can check out this handy article from our Guide: https://asana.com/guide/help/fundamentals/my-tasks

When a task is in the Upcoming section of your My Tasks, you will see another little sign:

And if your tasks is in “Today” you will see this sign:

Hope this helps! If I got you wrong, please share a screenshot of the sign you’re referring to and I’ll make sure to get back to you asap!

Again, so sorry for the trouble, and thank you so much for your patience!

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I’m wondering if @Angela_Rose is referring to the “greater than” or arrow symbol you see in list view projects:

I recall a post about this before, but can’t find it now. I believe (and testing seems to confirm) that it just denotes that the project has a description or at least one comment. If no description or comment is in the task, the > symbol isn’t displayed.


Yes I am. In fact, this was my first thought as well but doesn’t seem to flesh out which was the reason for my question. I have many tasks with no comment or description but still have the carrot. It would be incredibly helpful if this designated a task having subtasks as this is one of my teams largest complaints that there is no way to tell if we have subtasks on a task.

Is there anyone at asana who can help clarify? I would like to tell my teams what it signifies if it actually signifies something useful.

I do have custom fields selected which also show up in the main task list, which is the point of custom fields, so if this is the reason for the > then it is really rather useless.

I also was not able to find anything about this in the forum.

Hello @Marie
The carrot I am referring to is in Ryan’s screenshot. Sorry about the terminology, clearly I started writing code long long ago. Please see my note to Ryan, will you clarify? It would be extremely useful if something like this, >, designated that a task had subtasks under it. My team seems to feel that subtasks are a black hole, so this would be a great feature.

I forgot about subtasks, they add that as well. Those are tricky though it seems because if you deleted the subtask, the arrow remains.

To be honest, I’ve never relied on that symbol. I could use it maybe when I’m working through adding a bunch of new tasks to a project when I’m planning to know which ones I’ve added stuff to I suppose, but I probably wouldn’t knowing that comments and subtasks could have removed the arrow as well.

There’s a post out in feedback for this now you can up the count on:

Thanks Ryan, I’ll take a look at the feedback you tagged!

Fwiw, often I manually designate tasks that have key task details (e.g., subtasks) that I don’t want to miss, especially when many tasks in the same project don’t have task details.

I just add my own " >" at the end of the task title.

It’s a pain but it’s been a long time and doesn’t see Asana wants to alter how they indicate task detail info.

Thank you, that makes sense, I was just hoping I didn’t have to go back to my team with more extra work for them to remember to do :slight_smile: That does seem like a good strategy though, thanks!

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Hi all!

The little arrow does indicate that the task contains some meta-data (description, subtask, attachment, or comment). @RyanE, here is the thread you were thinking of: Arrow next to blue dot :wink: @Angela_Rose you might also be interested in adding your vote to this thread: Indicator for Sub-Tasks!

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Hi Marie,

Except, as I mentioned, my tasks have none of those things that you listed. The point being, please take note that it appears that even flagging a custom field can trigger the arrow, useless.

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I agree that it seems to be inconsistent…

Why do the screen shots in this thread show the “less than sign” at the end of tasks, yet ours show the “text bubble” at the end?

I would love to see the text bubble be colored so that it stands out a little more. Often someone will be hovering over a task as they read it, the bubble will show, and they will go looking for information that isn’t there. If the bubble while highlight in gray (like it currently does) when hovering over the task, but be filled with light blue or something when there was meta-data, that would be much clearer to our users.

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@Steven_Wood, I think your screenshot must be showing the Task Detail Pane’s subtasks, whereas an earlier screenshot showed the Tasks Pane’s tasks.

I agree with your suggestion in the last paragraph of your post.

Thank you. I actually hadn’t noticed the “greater than” sign on the Task Pane. It is pretty busy over there with the date and projects, so it kind of blends in.