Weighting again completion of milestones/sections

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Would love to hear some approaches from you guys.
I have a client that wants to have their sections (could use milestones) considered complete when lets say 5 tasks are complete.

However those 5 tasks need have different weighting to contribute to the milestone/section. So if task A was complete but it was only 10% weighting the milestone would be 10% complete but if task B is 50% weighted and was then complete after, the milestones would show as total 60% complete. if that makes sense?

Anyone got any ideas or suggestions? Can an integration solve this?

One idea:

Make a “Weight” single-select custom field with nine values: 10%, 20%, . . .

Make nine rules, each like this:

  • triggered when both a) task marked complete and b) “Weight” is valued with one of the above,
  • with the action setting a “Completed” numeric/percent custom field to the corresponding numeric value (e.g., 10, 20, . . .)

You can make dashboard charts to show progress by section using “Completed.”

If in List view you allow completed tasks to be displayed, the column tally will deliver the desired information right there at the bottom of each section automatically.



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You’re a genius!

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