Better ways of measuring progress - Measuring sub tasks and adding weight to tasks


HI there Asana Team

Measuring Sub Tasks.

I run a web design company and use the board format with tasks to map out web design projects.
We will create a task “Create landing page” in a project and then use subtasks such as “Page title, Page Copy, Header Image, Section A, Section, B, Call to action”.

A single task can have tons of subtasks.

Now when we mark off subtasks, the progress doesn’t change.
It would be great if the subtasks were added to the progress calculation.


Task A has 10 subtasks
Task B has 10 substaks
Task C has 10 subtasks
Task D has 10 substasks

Right now if you mark off

9 Task A subtasks
9 Task B subtasks
9 Task C subtasks
9 Task D subtasks

Your progress is zero, but it should be closer to 90%

The second part of the problem is not all tasks are created equal. eg:
Creating a complex landing page != to a small T&Cs page.

It would be amazing to be able to add weight to a task, so when you mark off bigger tasks, the progress is a lot clearer.

All tasks are given a default weight of 1
Therefore if you have 5 tasks
Task A with weight of 1
Task B with weight of 1
Task C with weight of 1
Task D with a weight of 1
Task E with a weight of 6

If you marked task E off, the progress would be 60% complete instead of 20% complete as it is now.

Would love some feedback!

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I can really relate to this. One of the elements that I found useless in the old dashboard report was % complete. We have a lot of tasks that make up our project template, and some of them represent weeks or even months of work, while others would be done in an afternoon. The % complete total on its own didn’t tell the full story. A task weighting system would make that much more accurate and useful.


Also, another one of the easiest ways of fixing this is to add hours as a custom field.
ie: each task is allocated a numerical amount of hours taken to complete.


This is great idea - is it now working? Does it now properly show % complete in the progress bar?