Tracking project outcome instead of overall project progress

Looking for creative solutions - or maybe one obvious one that I’ve missed! Suggestions for integrations welcome.

Is there a way to view the progress for a given set of tasks? For example, we have a project goal to remediate 100 issues. We add those 100 issues to the board (in a single section or split across multiple sections in a phased approach) and add 15 tasks related to planning/closeout (in their own respective sections - not mixed in with remediation tasks). We want to see the % progress on the 100 issues instead of the 115 total tasks.

Ideally this % is one we can view from the portfolio, but it’s not a deal breaker if we can’t.

I know of the option to add a dashboard chart that shows tasks completed by section, but I do not see the total number per section there, only the number completed. This is also not useful if our tasks are split across multiple sections.



I don’t have the exact solution but you could do something to differentiate those 15 against the rest. For example if they were subtasks, you could filter them out. If they have a custom field specific value, you could filter them out in reporting (I think). Would that work?