Weekends on for team calendar view

Hello Asana team,

We desperately need to be able to turn the weekends ons (and save that to default view) on our team calendar.

I am aware this can be done on specific projects, but it’s really important that we are able to visualize the team’s workload all 7 days, as the weekends are part of our work sometimes. For that we need, all tasks from all projects visible in one calendar with weekends.

We tried making the team scchedule their saturday task to friday and their sunday task to monday and it was a disaster.

The individual project calendar view is not enough, we need to see everything. Please please please update this.

We love Asana but this small problem has led to tasks being overlooked and therefore, projects delayed.

Thanks in advance!


Can you do what you are trying to accomplish by creating a saved search?

  1. Search for all tasks in Team A.
  2. Set view to calendar.
  3. Turn weekends on.
  4. Save & Share the search link.
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Hi Christine!

Thanks for your reply. This does not work though.

When I go to the saved search, it appears on Calendar view but with the default weekends off.

Plus, I cannot search for all the tasks in my team. I can only filter by task created by me, tasks asigned by me, and tasks completed recently.

This has not been solved.

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