Can we turn Weekends on globally?

We work events that occur on weekends. Every time I click on ANY calendar view, I have to turn weekends on. I click away from it to work on something else and come back and the calendar view is jacked up again.

Can this be fixed? Am I just missing a setting?

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Hi @michael_willoughby :wave: Thank you for reaching out!

This is indeed possible. Please have a look at the following post to learn how: Weekends: On/Off – Toggle choice not sticking - #2 by Natalia

Please note that this will save the Calendar view as the default view for that specific Project but you can then repeat the process by saving the List view or Board view as the default view and weekends will still remain ON for your calendar view.

I hope this helps Michael! Please let me know if you have any follow-up question!

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Natalia, you are correct! We can change the default view for a “specific” project but the team calendar is (ridiculously) defaulting to weekends off.

My question was “can we turn weekends on globally?” Globally meaning everywhere, on every project, on every calendar? Even if there was a way to save the layout of the team calendar.

Every time we log on to Asana we start with the “big picture” calendar for our team because it shows everything. Everything but weekends that is.


in the same thread… we have a need to plan workloads across all 7 days. Is there anyway to turn off the weekends being greyed out? It’s killing the value of the workload feature for us.


Try to save a calendar with weekends ON as a template for your event projects. Let me know if that helps.