“TEAMS” Calendar view ability to set weekend Default to “ON”

Hello there. I’m new to a company that utilizes Asana and I very much enjoy using it to track my day-to-day workflow.

Thing is, there is no current way, on the TEAMS Calendar, to set Weekends to “On”. I want to emphasize the word “TEAMS” and it’s respective calendar. I would like to click on my Team and see the calendar appear, complete with weekends, without having to click anything else. Or at least have the option to do this. Yes, I see the toggle for weekends on the individual project calendars, but that is not what I’m seeking. I want to see all the projects and their tasks at once. Weekend tasks are the regular where I work, so an option to have Weekends on all the time for the Teams calendar would greatly facilitate this.

I did my due diligence and searched this forum for a good hour for this specific topic, and while there are multiple threads where this case is brought up, there is never any solution or clarity. I couldn’t help but notice that the majority of these threads were created in 2020 or 2021, and I had the fleeting hope that it must surely be resolved by now. All the threads are locked, with no direct solutions ever provided.

I’d love for this to be addressed soon. It seems like an old problem. And if it’s hard to implement or solve, please attempt to explain it to me why that is the case.

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