Toggle projects "on" and "off" in Team Calendar

I’m sorry if another post like this already exists. I couldn’t find one through search. Maybe I’m alone on this, but having the ability to toggle project calendars “on” and “off” inside the Team Calendar view would be huge.

Case examples:

  • Sometimes, I just want to see 2-3 of my projects overlayed together instead of all of them, so having the ability to deselect all and then mark just 2 projects or just uncheck a few to turn them “off” would extremely helpful.
  • Or while in a Team Meeting, we want to look at all our collaborative projects together, but within the Asana team there are some private projects which show up on the Team Calendar.

Many calendars have this functionality across different platforms. Having this ability in the Asana Team Calendar would an incredible feature, in my humble opinion.